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Total Self Care Transformation

Get the Private and Confidential Guidance You Need to Change Your Life

You’re tired of dragging yourself through life. You know you were meant for more. You’re ready to make big changes, uncover your bigger purpose, and have a fulfilling, joyful life. Together, with my powerful guidance towards transformation and your willingness to do your inner work, you can begin your journey to break old patterns, free yourself from anxiety and depression, and start taking action towards your aspirations and goals. 


Learn to take the concrete steps you need to create a new paradigm from which to view yourself–one that can spark positive change not only at the individual level, but for your community and the world at large. 

Here are some of the outcomes you can expect from our work together:

  • Learn to tap into your  strengths and cultural assets

  • Create a refreshed vision for your life, with a step-by-step strategy to bring it to fruition

  • Understand the historical and institutional context that may be keeping you from achieving what you desire

  • Learn to access ancestral wisdom and guidance 

  • Clarify difficult feelings, eliminate confusion and build your confidence

  • Release yourself from old patterns and habits that are keeping you stuck

  • Learn how to make your desires happen with clarity and intention

  • Live a life you design

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Teenager Portrait



While there are many guides and how-tos for new parents, by the time their children reach adolescence, parents often find themselves lacking the skills needed to help their teenage son or daughter.This can make the teenage years a frustrating time for both parents and teens.

You want to give them happiness and confidence, but you just don’t seem to understand each other. Getting this phase right or wrong heavily influences your child’s future chances of happiness and success.

This is where coaching comes in.


It can help your teenager in many ways, including:

  • Greater self-confidence

  • Better problem-solving abilities

  • More creativity

  • And greater resilience to life’s shocks

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Improve social connections

  • Self-Exploration

  • Sleep issues

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Peer Pressure

  • Overcome fear

  • Attain clarity on what they desire

  • Identify the roadblocks

  • Help them surpass the roadblocks and create their adorable life

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