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  • What is the difference between coaching & psychotherapy?
    Coaching is a collaborative process that focuses on setting and achieving specific goals in areas such as personal development, career advancement, or skill enhancement. It is future-oriented, action-based, and often shorter-term in nature, aiming to maximize individual potential and performance. Psychotherapy, on the other hand, is a therapeutic intervention that addresses mental health concerns, emotional issues, and behavioral patterns. It involves exploring past experiences, unresolved conflicts, and deep-seated emotions to promote healing, self-awareness, and personal growth. Psychotherapy is typically longer-term and aims to improve overall mental well-being and quality of life.
  • How do I know that I need coaching or therapy?
    The kind of people I have worked with and currently working with are: People who want to improve their confidence and self-esteem and be able to express themselves better. People who want to overcome procrastination and have had difficulty in forming and sustaining productive habits despite multiple attempts. People who are constantly worrying and stressed out and are looking for ways to be relaxed and at ease irrespective of circumstances. People who want to improve their relationships with their spouses, family members, managers or office colleagues and reduce conflicts. People who don’t find their current jobs/work fulfilling and need support in defining next steps for their career and/or are looking for ways in which they can enjoy the work they presently do. If you are seeking support in achieving specific goals, enhancing personal development, and overcoming obstacles that are hindering your progress, coaching may be the appropriate choice. On the other hand, if you are dealing with deeper emotional issues, unresolved past experiences, or mental health concerns that are impacting your well-being, therapy may be more suitable. It is essential to assess your needs and objectives to determine whether coaching or therapy aligns better with your current circumstances and the level of support you require to address your challenges effectively.
  • How can therapy or coaching sessions benefit me?
    Therapy sessions provide a supportive and non-judgmental space for self-exploration, healing, and personal development, helping individuals navigate challenges, enhance self-awareness, and improve overall well-being. Coaching offers structured guidance, accountability, and strategies to help individuals clarify their goals, overcome obstacles, and reach their full potential in various aspects of life. In a nutshell here’s what people who have worked with me have got: A positive frame of mind Freedom from confusion Better self-esteem and self-confidence Accountability for their goals and actions. Higher belief in self Enhanced productivity and more efficient time-management Mastery over procrastination and improved focus Better control over the tendency to regret about the past and worry about the future Ability to stay calm and strong in situations that usually cause anxiety and stress Mental make-up and courage to quit corporate life and get into entrepreneurship Reduced conflicts at home and office, better relationships Formation of new good habits and elimination of unproductive ones
  • What is Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy and what is the framework that you use?
    While Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy is a person-centric approach (steps are customized based on the requirements of the case), the following is the framework that will be useful in most cases. Step I – Defining the problem Step II – Defining the desired outcome Step III – Exploring the impact of the desired outcome on the client’s future Step IV – Identifying the observable steps that need to be taken or behavioural changes that are required to achieve the desired outcome. Step V – Identifying the different layers that needs to be addressed to resolve the problem or to overcome the reasons that are stopping the client from making the required changes naturally. These layers include: Current Thoughts Current Emotions Beliefs, Values, Defence Mechanisms and Unconscious Secondary Gains Suppressed emotions or trauma Past experiences including repressed memories Step VI – Working with Current thoughts and Emotions Step VII – Working with Beliefs, Values, Defence Mechanisms and Unconscious Secondary Gains (if required*) Step VIII – Working with Suppressed Emotions and Traumas (if required*) Step IX – Working with Past Experiences and Repressed Memories (if required*) Not all problems will have all the layers and hence the therapist may not have to work with all the above-mentioned layers but as many layers as may be required to create a sustainable change.
  • Do you offer in-person sessions, online sessions, or both?
    I offer ONLY Online Session as of now. Online sessions provide convenience, flexibility, and accessibility for clients, allowing them to engage in therapy or coaching from the comfort of their own space. This format eliminates the need for travel time and allows individuals to schedule sessions more easily into their busy lives. Moreover, online sessions facilitate the sharing of a common note file to document session details, which can be accessible to both the client and the therapist, promoting transparency and enhancing collaboration in the therapeutic journey.
  • How many sessions will I need to see progress or results?
    The number of sessions required for progress varies depending on individual needs, goals, and the complexity of the issues being addressed. There are usually 6 to 8 sessions in number on an average, with a gap of roughly 5-7 days between successive slots. Need the sessions be more or less than the stipulated number, it shall be decided after the first interactive session, depending on the concern being addressed. In case of more than the regular gap between successive sessions, it must be timely intimated but not constantly repeated for proper efficacy of the process.
  • How long are the sessions?
    Coaching and therapy sessions typically last 50 minutes to an hour, allowing sufficient time for meaningful dialogue, exploration of thoughts and emotions, goal setting, and practical strategies to address challenges and foster personal growth. The duration of sessions is designed to promote a balance between depth of exploration and progress towards identified goals within a structured timeframe.
  • Is everything discussed during sessions confidential?
    Maintaining client confidentiality is of utmost importance in counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching. All information shared during sessions is treated with the strictest confidence and is only disclosed with your explicit consent or in situations where there is a legal or ethical obligation to do so. Rest assured that your privacy and trust are respected and upheld throughout the therapeutic or coaching process.
  • Do you specialize in any particular areas or types of therapy?
    As a Psychotherapist and Self Love Coach, I specialize in areas such as anxiety, stress management, self-esteem building, and relationship issues. My expertise and training allow me to tailor therapeutic interventions and coaching strategies to address your specific concerns, goals, and preferences effectively. Whether you are seeking support for mental health challenges, personal development, or relationship enhancement, I am committed to providing compassionate, individualized care to help you achieve lasting positive outcomes.
  • What is your approach or philosophy in coaching or therapy?
    I follow eclectic approach that uses Hypnosis as a foundation for seamlessly integrating: Advanced Coaching and Interview Frameworks SOFT SEA® PROS Relationship with different Psychological Approaches Cognitive Behavioural Humanistic Psycho-Dynamics and Transformational Techniques from Hypnosis (Conversational and Clinical) Neuro Linguistic Programming Mindfulness and Meditation Metaphors and Stories and more...
  • What is the cost of therapy?
    Session fees vary for teenagers and adults. Opting for a package can provide a discounted rate for both age groups. Feel free to inquire for more details on pricing and package options tailored to your specific needs. Periodically, sliding scale options become available. For inquiries about sliding scale availability and eligibility criteria, please contact me at Participating in the sliding scale program is subject to certain parameters and availability, and I am here to assist you in understanding the process and determining if this option is suitable for you. Feel free to reach out for more information and guidance on accessing affordable options for psychotherapy, or coaching sessions.
  • How do I schedule my appointments or book a slot?
    You can book a slot directly through the website. You can select the day and time comfortable for you and make the payment to book your slots. In case if you would like to opt for an in-person session, or you may have any questions and or queries, you can click on Request a Call Back or contact me via phone + 91 98337 63977 I can get on a quick call with you to help answer any questions and queries you may have about the therapeutic process. Once you feel comfortable, you can go ahead and book the first session with me., scheduling tool available for your convenience. Feel free to reach out to me to begin your journey towards enhanced well-being and personal growth.
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Hi Nidhi,
Just wanted to let you know that I able to FINALLY clear Prelims exam!! It was because of you and the sessions we had that I was able to keep my focus during this tough phase. I had been struggling with for 6 years! And I was FINALLY able to clear prelims with your help!! Whenever I felt demotivated or hopeless, I would listen to the session's recording and I would be reminded of why I took on this journey, and what I need to do to help me turn my vision into reality!! After repeated failures in all these years, I hadn't imagined I would be able to clear this exam. But your support during this process helped me sail through!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!! ❤️

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