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Loving and admiring yourself is indispensable for a joyful and adorable life. Having SELF CONFIDENCE can do wonders to your attitude towards life. Make sure you are heading towards success with love and admiration for yourself. 


Most of the people who don't love or admire themselves lack SELF-ESTEEM. On your darkest days, when your mind plunges to the deepest depths of despair,& anxiety mocks you, remember it's only YOU who can battle the situation. Happiness will never come to you unless you are desperate to do something about yourself and shine your way to success!


It is prudent that instead of fighting silent battles, you SEEK HELP to realize your SELF WORTH which in turn will help you raise your self-esteem and light up the world stage with the superpower of your SELF CONFIDENCE!


You deserve to live an Adorable Life

And an adorable life begins with taking care of yourself


knowing that you deserve to


What is Self-Love?

Most of us know what self-love is but do not understand it. You eat because you understand that you need nourishment. It is sad that most of us are trying to conquer external battles like finding love, finding success, or finding happiness, but we do not understand that self-love is the root from which everything grows.

How can we love the next person effectively before we have learned to love ourselves unconditionally? You can only give to the world what you have. Our understanding of self-love is learned during childhood from those that cared for us. In most cases, it is taught unconsciously; we just got a glimpse from watching those that nurtured us.


Self-love is an umbrella term for different acts of love we perform toward ourselves physically and non-physically. There are many well-groomed people that I know who have no clue what it means to love themselves. To love yourself is not an act of selfishness, it is an act of kindness toward others because when you love yourself, others don't have to deal with your unresolved problems.


Hi Nidhi,
Just wanted to let you know that I able to FINALLY clear Prelims exam!! It was because of you and the sessions we had that I was able to keep my focus during this tough phase. I had been struggling with for 6 years! And I was FINALLY able to clear prelims with your help!! Whenever I felt demotivated or hopeless, I would listen to the session's recording and I would be reminded of why I took on this journey, and what I need to do to help me turn my vision into reality!! After repeated failures in all these years, I hadn't imagined I would be able to clear this exam. But your support during this process helped me sail through!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!! ❤️

Life Is Too Short To Be Unhappy, What Are You Waiting For?
You Deserve to Wake up
Energized, Excited, and Empowered Every Day

Appointments are available via Zoom. Book your first call to get started or email me today at

Self-love is Associated With a Multitude of Benefits, such as Greater Life Satisfaction, Increased Happiness, and Greater Resilience.

Why Is It Important?

"You cannot love someone else until you learn to love yourself".

Learning how to self-love is important to living happier and healthier in every aspect of your life. It influences whom you pick to be your mate for life, the image you project at work, how you accomplish your work, the way you raise your children, the way you interact with those around you, and the way you cope with the problems in your life.

Here for You

As a Personal Life Coach, I guide women in identifying their inner strengths and conquering their fears and the perceived barriers that hold them back. I help them steer clear of the mental clutter or the clouds of doubts that are confusing them and inhibiting them from making a leap into their bright future. 


By identifying these barriers together, I arm my clients with techniques to begin their own unique healing process and to begin achieving what they most want in life.


The reach and exposure my platform will offer you would be phenomenal , I can vouch upon that!

Abstract Background

“If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change”.

Wayne  Dyer



To help women 'replenish, cherish & flourish” wherever they are; be it university, home or office.

About Me


Hi! I am Nidhi Roy

A Cognitive Hypnotic Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner, founder & principal Coach at AdoreLife. We work with people to understand their thought, behavioral, and emotional build patterns. 

I am living my dream. a dream I made come true for myself by working on areas of my life that needed attention. As we all know, life is a journey, filled with twists, turns, obstacles and destinations....


Nidhi was my first choice when I thought of starting the therapy and she became my first therapist and only one ever. She helped me tremendously with my self esteem, anxiety issues and much more. She was really great in terms of assisting me deal with certain specific issues like having self doubts, overthinking, under confident and many other important issues that we overlook. One of the best thing I like about her is that she is extremely calm, patient and extends her support for me to deal with issues at my own speed with ease and comfort. I'm so glad to have her by my side. Thank you so much Nidhi.

I had a very positive experience with Ms. Roy. She was very easy to talk to and gave me space to do sessions in the way that worked best for me and I came out of them feeling refreshed and motivated. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to work through things in therapy, she was kind, thoughtful and always reliable even when I was having difficulty finding times that suited my schedule. She helped me in imagining the good and rooting it deep into the subconscious mind.

Nidhi mam doing amazing work,I have lot of past traumas I can't get over from there and i stucked there and I was facing lot of physical problems too but after therapy i healed and my physical problems are too gone and she also help me to get clearty in my career.

Nidhi is a great therapist. Her skills at identifying the issues and helping clients resolve them are amazing... i woulf highly recommend her to all those who are looking at improving the quality of their lives.

Got something to discuss?

Thane (Maharashtra)

+91 91370 20207

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